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Too many are falling between the cracks when it comes to sex education.
Parents and schools hold each other responsible, neither doing a good job.
Parents are in charge of imparting family moral values and expectations.
Schools should put across the plain unvarnished facts at an early age.

Download "Preventing Unplanned Pregnancy" brochure, print front and back, then fold.

1) Pregnancy starts when sperm from a man's testicles meet up with an egg from a woman's ovaries.
2) Abstinence is the only guaranteed way to avoid pregnancy and STIs, but it is difficult to practice.
3) Condoms are the most effective way to reduce the chance of both pregnancy and STIs.
4) The chance of pregnancy is greatest in the fertile window, days 8 through 16 of a 28 day menstrual cycle.
5) Withdrawal (pull-out sex) is a very poor method of birth control, even if a condom is used part of the time.
6) PlanB reduces the chance of pregnancy when taken within 72 hours of a contraceptive accident.

Birth Control Basics

1) Hormone birth control is very effective if taken as directed.
2) Condoms alone are not as effective a contraceptive as hormones.
3) Condoms plus vaginal spermicides are almost as good as hormones.
4) Ovulation is commonly 14 days before the expected menstrual period.
5) Sperm can last inside a woman for five days. The egg only lasts for one day.
6) A woman can pinpoint ovulation in a variety of ways, including cramps, vaginal mucus, cervical position, libido, and temperature jump.

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Raising a family is our most important task.

Every expectant mother knows that her baby is going to be well cared for, loved, and turn out to be above average. The reality does not always match.

Family does matter.
Bringing up a child is hard. It requires two adults who can spell each other off and back each other up.
Marriage matters.
Couples who marry before starting a family are more likely to stick together.
Education  matters.
Well educated parents delay marriage and childbearing, and their relationships stick better.

The birth announcements in our local newspaper suggest that 40% of all births are to unmarried parents, though the father is named in half these cases. Nationally, 70% of births to women under age 25 having their first child are non marital.

Each year more children grow up in unstable families. Each generation the cycle spirals upward. Schools find it more difficult to educate, employers find it hard to get good employees. Our nation is in trouble.

"You should be in no hurry to have sex, but one day that will change. As the time is comes closer, please ask me for guidance, and I will gladly help you do it safely and sensibly."

Abstinence until marriage is not a realistic proposition in developed societies.

Sexual behavior is instinctive. Every species does it without instruction. Premarital sex can be avoided by early marriage combined with parental, religious, and societal controls. In developed countries where marriage is delayed until the late twenties, premarital abstinence is not a realistic proposition.

By all means delay sexual debut as long as possible, but when abstinence is no longer an option, channel your appetites with discretion and common sense.

Young folk tend to turn a deaf ear to instruction about sexual matters. It is EMBARRASSING or BORING or GROSS. The information is needed when they are on the cusp of becoming sexually involved, be it at 15 or 25.

What changes might we consider? Abstinence sex education has been shown a waste of money. Teen birth rates have stabilized, but unmarried birth rates in the twenties are increasing. Young people appear to be of the opinion that marriage is irrelevant. If we want to change this

1) We need to sell the idea that raising a family is our most important task in life. When we sit in the rocking chair in those twilight years, our grandchildren and great-grandchildren represent our greatest legacy and achievement.

2) We should make sure young folk get reality based sex education before becoming sexually active, and let them know how important child raising is to the stability of society.


Answer: No disrespect grandpa I think you are a gem and a real blessing......

How old are you??? This is not a flame or anything, you just seem so knowledgable and know precisely how to word things to make them clear and concise!! I was just wondering since you are on a teen forum, are you a teen? Other than that, I just wanted to say--Keep up the good work!! :)

i just wanted to let you know that i think that is great... im almost ten weeks myself (one day shy) and i think there are a lot of girls out there who are very confused... even some of the pregnant women on this site give them bad information yours seems to be the only one that was actually based on facts and not just opinions

hi i just wanted to say thank you for all ur awesome advice and answers :) god bless*

Hey gramps You give some awesome advice and you seem to know what you are talking about. Just curious where you are from, age? Male or female. You of course can remain anonymous but are you a grandpa viv?

Im so happy!!! lol

Thank you for allllll your help.. I will do that, an I think today afterschool I'm going to go to my doctor for birth control pills they will be free for me I think because I have a medical card and my cousin is on them and they cover that, GOOD one less thing to worry about now...

When I get home today if my phone is still on I will talk to you later, because right now I got a web page to design for this dang class

gotta go,  TY again, Me

Let me start by saying that you are an angel to all those on the forum.  Especially those like me who are new at this and scared to death.

Sorry to be a bother but I posted the question about periods, pregnancy and the pill and I would love to have a response from you. Also, I just wanted to say that I have read several of your posts and I applaud the way you respond. You are thoughtful and caring and give good advice. Keep up the good work!

VIV!  you're like the awesome grandpa I never had  (of course I did have one alive, but I should have 2 right??) Thank you Thank you so much, I have found some peace and I have found God all over again.  You have no idea how much you have helped me and PLEASE don't make this the last email. Every time I read closure on the subject line a brief sad thought appears, thinking it might be the last.   I want to do something anything I can do for you, personally or in a way that I will make you smile maybe by helping others..  to thank you, to show you my appreciation for people like you.  I will take every word from you and keep it close within.  My mom is starting to accept my decision in as little as just half a day.  Earlier she called while I was working to make sure I was okay.  I pray to God and to all saints, that my child is born safe, and healthy, and has no problem or obstacle with health or ability. I love it, I love it so much.  I'm glad I can finally accept this.  And I most definitely will send you an invite and my due date.  :)  I think from what I calculated it will be May 26th 2005.  But for sure I will know on Wednesday when I go to the doctor.  Its tough thinking that I have to come clean with everybody in the family and let them know, but I'm confident that I will be strong to survive any bad moments if given.  I already thought about a way to let them know.  Writing them all a small card telling them that I know I didn't reason well when things happened but I am going to have a baby and be a mother and I need for them to be here for me. 


Hi Viv:

Sorry I haven't responded lately. But just to let I'm ok I'm living with my aunty Sandy. She's been really great through this whole thing considering i sprung it on her the day she got back. As for my ex bf he doesn't know where I am. I got out pretty safe my family for the time doesn't know anything. I told them I'm going away for

I took time off work so I can go to counseling. My aunty even took some more time off work to help me through this. I feel safe with her so its easier to sleep at night!!

I have to admit if it wasn't for that pregnancy-info site I wouldn't have found you and I wouldn't have gotten all that helpful advice. To be honest I'd probably still be where I was or worse. I know it's only a matter of time before I have to face the music but for now
I just want to work on my well being and self-esteem.

Again thank you for your support and my aunty Sandy wants to thank you as well. I told her about you and everything you have done for me. I'll email you soon on how everything's going.

Your Friend

I have been speaking to "viv" through email for a couple weeks now... even though I found out he was a man..." a little shock at first" but with all honesty I look forward to receiving emails from him. He has some very good insight and even though he cant relate that much with what we are feeling, he has helped me a lot with my pregnancy. Showing me things that stem from my childhood! Good for everyone on here though, voicing your opinion. Gives us all a chance to speak up and say what we think. YES we are RAGING HORMONES all on one website sometimes we get moods and sometimes we are ok. Pregnant enough- its ok, I'm sure you didn't mean to attack "viv" in any way. 

I have heard better responses from viv than some women! I am udderly shocked at how much he knows!!! He always has an answer and are usually correct, if he doesn't know he tries to find you the answer, or tells you to contact your doctor. I think it is nice to have an opinion from the opposite sex, and actually have a man that cares about stuff like this!!! If you really think about it, its comforting knowing that there is a man out there trying to help us and trying to relate to what we are going thru!!!


I read what you wrote back. I went to the doc. today and I am pregnant! My body acts weird sometime. I did not think I was at first because I still have not gotten morning sickness the only thing that started to make me think so was I have been more tired and in the bathroom a lot more often. Thanks for your help Viv. You are the Best!! Why can't there be more men like you around!!


50% of  marriages at age 18 end in divorce.
40% of marriages at age 20
25% of marriages over age 25
Cohabitations break up at double the rate of marriages
People whose parents divorced are themselves 50% more likely to divorce.


Individual traits
1. High self-esteem.
2. Flexibility.
3. Assertiveness.
4. Sociability.

Couple traits
1. Similarity.
2. Long acquaintanceship.
3. Good communication skills.
4. Good conflict resolution skills/style.

1. Older age.
2. Healthy family-of-origin experiences.
3. Happy parental marriage.
4. Parental and friends' approval.
5. Significant education and career preparation.